Lecture notes for Applied Physics 711:

Grazing-Incidence Scattering

from Surfaces and Thin Films

Detlef-M. Smilgies, CHESS


<> week 1: refraction and reflectivity
a)  X-ray scattering at grazing incidence
b)  refractive index
c)  boundary conditions
d)  X-ray reflectivity
e)  standing waves in reflectivity
f)  grazing-incidence x-ray fluorescence*
g)  the matrix method
h)  application examples
i)   roughness*
j)  "messy" reflectivities*

<> problem set
a) problem description
b) data set
c) sample solutions

<> week 2: grazing-incidence diffraction
a) surface structure analysis

  • diffraction as a Fourier transform
  • introduction to solid surfaces
  • scattering from a monolayer
  • scattering from the substrate
  • surface structure determination

  • b) crystal truncation rods
  • overview
  • appendix: roughness
  • transition from microscopic to macroscopic description

  • c) appendix: properties of the Fourier transform

    <> appendix: grazing-incidence small-angle scattering*
    a) introduction

      (chapters or sections marked with an asterisk* were added later)